US 395 to Owens Valley and Beyond
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Sunday, September 24, 2017
By David P. Senner
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My first road trip in some time took me north from Los Angeles up the US 395 along the eastern Sierra Nevada into Owens Valley through Lone Pine, Bishop, Big Pine and as far north as the unique Mono Lake, east of Yosemite and about a 40 minutes north of Mammoth Lakes. The first leg of my trip took me through some old mining towns around places with names like Red Mountain, Johannesburg and Randburg along US 395. Always on the lookout for interesting, abandoned sites along the roadside, that give a glimpse into a time now forgotten, I made a few stops along the way to capture images of abandoned miners' shacks, rusted remnants of mining equipment and some still in use dwellings that make use of recycled materials, such as the wall of discarded, painted automobile tires seen below.





Continuing on US 395 toward Lone Pine ( my first day destination), I began to enter Owens Valley and the eastern Sierra Nevada began to appear to the west.





When I'm out doing landscape photos, I tend to be lucky when it comes to finding great cloud formations, which, to me, are almost always a key element in making dramatic landscapes. The photo below was a rare, unobstructed view of a stretch of the Sierras from the US 395, with a blanket of lazy clouds topping them off.


Stay tuned for more photos from the trip over the next week or so. The next blog will be from the Alabama Hills just outside of Lone Pine CA.


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