Tokyo Revisited 2009 - Part #2
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Sunday, June 28, 2015
By David P. Senner
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The streets of Tokyo: Taxi driver waiting for a fare.                        Shopkeeper of a tatami (floor covering) store.



Tsukiji Fishmarket - the world's largest wholesale fishmarket.

A fish monger without much to sell.                             




A "school" of fish finally arrives...                   A worker on a break. And whaddaya know! There are Yankee fans even in Tokyo.



    Little fish...                                                                          big fish.



Japan is clearly a consumer culture, much like the U.S.

In Tokyo, there always seems to be someone trying to sell you something- from flashy shoes to big hot peppers.




The Tokyo skyline reflects the growth of modernity against the background of tradition.




Neighborhood Tokyo street life around midnight.



The next three photos are of one corner of Shibuya Crossing at around 10 o'clock at night - one of the busiest intersection in the world.                                        

Sleeping in public is apparently quite common in Tokyo - some blame the fast paced lifestyle of Tokyo, some blame the extraordinary drive of the average Japanese worker to succeed... even to the point of exhaustion. Day's end.



Tune in next week for the third and final installment of Tokyo 2009.


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David Senner - Thanks for your input; Always appreciate your comments.
Gretchen Teske - Love these photos, David! I love the way you capture the candidness of your subjects. Makes me want to see Tokyo, too.