Tokyo 2009 Revisited #3
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Sunday, July 05, 2015
By David P. Senner
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Tokyo Street:   

Subway rider ensures that his hat is not lost.      A fish seller cuts his product directly from the source in an open storefront.


The anime influence on the marketing of sex is visible everywhere, as is the allure of caucasion female.


A wide range of sex products are available, as are establishments catering to men seeking the company of young women.



The gentleman below is NOT leaving an emergency room. And the 'devil' may be in the details of this phone conversation in front of a local club. 


Inside a local sex shop, blowup dolls seem to be a popular item..




Tokyo is known to be a safe city - businesslike security is highly visible at the entrace to a local club below.



In the midst of the bustle and commerce of Tokyo, the future of Japan seems to travel mostly in packs, dressing almost indistinguishably from one another.


Sayonara to Tokyo for now. See you the next time around.


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David Senner - Thanks for keeping up with the blog. Hope you're doing well.
Neal McGillicuddy - Great captures of a wacky (from my perspective) culture.