The Hat #2
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Saturday, November 28, 2015
By David P. Senner
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 New Orleans is a great place for 'hat' shots: all four of the pix below were taken during the French Quarter Jazz Festival in May of this year.

For the two characters below, their hats are part of their costume, in a town that is so much about costumes.



Charmaine Neville performs on the main stage of the Jazz Festival, sporting a hat that fits her almost spiritual performance.

                                                    The green 'hatted', devilish creature below was found on Bourbon Street, one night of the Festival.



Common sight in Tokyo: fans of American baseball sporting Major League Baseball team hats.



Once again in Tokyo, your hat has a lot to do with the 'team' that you play on.



Then there is the helmet worn by the military, riot police and various paramilitary individuals.

           Neo Nazi Rally, Berwyn IL 1984                                                            Riot police in downtown Chicago, ca 1973



Thai soldiers guarding the gate to the Imperial Palace in Bangkok, Thailand. 2009


Military types do not always wear combat helmets. The photo below was taken at a high school ROTC parade in Chicago, 1978.




The straw hat is found all over the world, particularly when and where it is warm.

On a Chicago bus, ca 1982.                                                                                      Rice farmer near Ubon, Thailand 2009



Everyone would like to be 'royalty', right? The right 'hat' helps to create that illusion.

'The Birthday Girl', Chicago ca 1973                                 Senior Center celebration,  Chicago ca 1977




Finally, sometimes we just want to put on our favorite cap and go out to play...

                                                                Chicago, ca 1976




Thanks for your time. Hope to see you soon.



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