The Face of Thailand #2
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Sunday, October 25, 2015
By David P. Senner
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This week's blog consists of the second installment of my series "Faces of Thailand", derived from my large body of photos taken during my visit to Bangkok and the eastern province of Ubon in 2009. The longer I photograph, the more I believe that few photos stand alone as iconic images on their own. As I continue to assemble images together from my years of making photographs, I discover and clarify much more about my self and my vision by viewing photos together in a variety of relationships that may not have been consciously intended when created.

Chinatown, Bangkok                                              Worker transports goods from the flower market in Bangkok... the old fashioned way.



Club Sarasa Massage Parlor, Bangkok                                       Vendor hawks his wares at the floating market near Bangkok.





At work in the Bangkok flower market.                      Beverage vendor tries to catch a few winks on the banks of the Chao Praya River.



Curious how the Bangkok mannequins are often caucasion looking.            Bangkok flower market.



Weathered faces from Tha Long and Pathem in Ubon provinces of Thailand



Larger than life statue of LP Pae, a lengendary Buddhist monk and teacher - at the Wat (temple) Tai Phra Chao Yai Ong in Ubon province.




Workers on break - Chinatown, BKK                        Novice monks gather for work detail at Wat (temple) Hai Mok Kon in Ubon province.                              




Novice monk performs daily chores - Wat (temple) Hai Mok Kon



Novice monks taking a break from their chores -Wat Hai Mok Kon    Happy face of merchant at the open air market in Ubon city.




Selling peppers at open air market in Ubon city.        Delivery man along the banks of the Chao Praya River in Bangkok     



Runners stretch at Lumphini Park, Bangkok                                   Fish for sale at a stall in the open air market, Ubon city.



Looking for chicken legs? He's got them.                 Mother and child crossing the road in Tha Long in Ubon province of eastern Thailand.


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