The Face of Thailand #1
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Tuesday, October 20, 2015
By David P. Senner
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This blog and my next are a new edit of the photos I took in Thailand in 2009, focusing on the 'face' of the Thai people.

A Buddhist monk walks the streets of Bangkok alongside a ubiquitous sign of modernity in this sprawling city of 4 million motorized vehicles (as of 2006).



Street vendor at Talad Pak Khlong flower market.                   Food vendor at the Nakhon Prathom floating market.



Washing pots behind a Bangkok Chinatown restaurant.                Family in the village of Pathem in the Ubon Ratchathani province.



                                  Practicing Tai Chi in Bangkok's Lumphini Park



Burning bills? - Bangkok Chinatown                                                         Preparing food in the Nakhon Prathom floating market.



Vendor at the floating market                                        The ladies prevail at an open air market in Ubon city



  Rice farmer near Tha Long in Ubon province.                                  Rice farmer near Chong Mek in Ubon.




Military presence at the entrance to the Thai Imperial Palace in Bangkok.


Monks at the Wat Lamphaya outside of Bangkok. This monastery is where my driver, Mr Moo, served as a monk in his youth.




Bangkok near the Talad Pak Khlong flower market.                    'Taxi' driver in Ubon city.



My driver, Mr Moo, recalled the 'mad' monk, Seart (below), who has resided at the Wat Lamphaya monastery since he himself was a young monk 25 years previously. Seart spends most of his time 'working' his pile of sand with a flat stone for hours on end - gathering, dividing, shaping...




Finally, a face familiar to people around the world - the 'Colonel' shows up prominently in Bangkok.


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