The Artwalk #1
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Sunday, September 27, 2015
By David P. Senner
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This is the first of a new series that will be making an occasional appearance on my blog, "The Artwalk", which will feature art, artists and exhibits that we encounter in southern California and other places to which our travels take us. The aim is to share with you our experiences with both established and emerging artists and their work, and what's going on in general, in the local art scene.

Inside the Sante Fe Artist Colony: Los Angeles CA     

Studio garden of artist Lillian Abel and her husband, actor Leonard Kelly-Young.

                                                                             Painting by Lillian, alongside Leonard, who recently appeared in the movie "Gone Girl".



             Workbench of sculptor Gregory Martin                                          From the tube to the canvas



Painter Peggy Nichols hosted the 3rd Annual All Women Artists Group Exhibition 2015 in her Sante Fe studio. About 50 artists participated in the show titled:  "Water-Line  -  Inspiration for Change"                                                    




An abstract image of mine - through a window of a stairwell at Sante Fe.                Nameless artist has some explaining to do.


                                  Raleigh Studios, Hollywood CA - site of  Photo LA 2015




I stopped by the studio of Elaine Cohen, a sculptor and painter, who has a studio in Laguna Beach. Elaine is a bit of lovely contradiction: on the one hand she paints elegant abstract images and on the other, she is a master of figurature sculpture. The day I visited her she was preparing for the prestigious, Laguna Beach Festival of the Arts.


At LA County Museum of Art's exhibition: "Gifts on the Occasion of LACMA's 50th Anniversary"

     "Flying Mercury" bronze by 16th century Flemish sculptor, Giambologna.


The "Red Concave Circle" (cast polyester resin) by sculptor Dewain Valentiene offered some interesting photo ops, depending on your distance from it.

Closeup view through the "Red Concave Circle" of some of the exhibit behind it, including a giant screen running a video loop of jugglers and a painting by famed pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, "Interior with Three Hanging Lamps".

           "Laundromat" by acclaimed sculptor, George Segal.



 That wraps it up for this little peek into the expansive art scene in Los Angeles.

Until my next blog. Hoped you've enjoyed yourself.



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