Stevensville, Michigan - June 2015
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Monday, July 20, 2015
By David P. Senner
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Stevensville, Michigan is located on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, where my brother has a home. It is quiet and off the beaten path, and is a place I visit frequently in order to unwind and relax, and take photographs, of course.

Old farm equipment in a neighbors front yard.


         Sycamore tree bark in a local public park.          


          Cranberry bog nearby. 


       Hosta plant flower.                                           A pink flower that shall remained unnamed.


                          A lonely little daisy.


           Wandering the beach as a storm front appears to move in.



In the 1920's and 30's, the legendary photographer, Alfred Steiglitz, began to photograph clouds as a means to demonstrate that photography was a legitimate art form.  Influenced by Wassily Kandinsky, one of the early practitioners of abstract art, the notion was that "abstract forms, lines, and colors could represent corresponding inner states, emotions and ideas" of the artist and/or the viewer. This idea was later expanded upon by later photographers, most notably, Minor White. I've been interested in photographing clouds since I started using digital cameras - particularly with landscape work, that generally demands clouds in order to add an element of drama to the scene being photographed. I've had considerable luck with encountering great cloud formations while in the process of finding and composing landscape photos. The two images below, captured on the Stevensville beach, are perhaps my best examples to date, of cloud photos created in the spirit of 'equivalents'.



             The day winds down as boats come back to shore for the day and locals await the sunset.


   Finally, one of my early experiments with some new post processing software, Topaz Glow, and once again, the Hosta plant flower.



Until next week,



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GarySenner - Great photos. Interesting contrast between macro-sky,lake,clouds ,and micro-a plant or flower. Gary.