Seal Beach Car Collectors
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Saturday, December 26, 2015
By David P. Senner
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Another blog from the neighborhood: You see lots of car fanatics in southern California, where the automobile is so integral to the culture. On any given weekend you can find a gathering of classic car collectors, showing off their prize possessions. This one took place in Seal Beach.

                  I always loved the Corvette, but not a very practical vehicle, especially for a photographer. This one caught my eye.



                  I'm partial to the Mustang, since I had one for over ten years. I especially liked the custom hood on this older model.



               The parking lot looked like a box of crayons... Or was it just a few too many cheap paint jobs?


                                           Some interesting custom hood ornamentation.



                  Always nice to have a look under the hood.



           Immaculate automobile engines can provide some interesting photo opportunities as well.



         Hope you enjoyed the change of pace. See you soon.



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