Salton Sea - Day 2
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Sunday, April 03, 2016
By David P. Senner
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This blog is from the second day of my trip to the Salton Sea, this time driving up the western shore from Brawley (south of the Sea). The photos were taken in Salton City, Salton Sea Beach and Desert Shores. For background on the Sea and it's history, check out my previous blog, 'Salton Sea - Day 1'. As with the eastern shore of Salton Sea, there wasn't much sign of human activity.

 Salton City:    

                                  Abandoned auto...                                                                                   and abandoned home near Salton City


              Abandoned boat stuck in the ground, probably from past flooding, near the western shore marina.


                                        Billboard of lost dreams, Salton City                                                                                                


           I found many abandoned homes with abundant graffiti covering what walls remain standing.



Battered trailer that appears to still be in use by squatters.




Salton Sea Beach:

From a distance, the beach appears covered in sand but as you start to walk on it, you hear a crunching sound, only to realize you are walking on the remains of the millions of dead fish that have been washed up on the shores of the Sea, as a result of the rising salinity of the Sea.  


Desert Shores:

Desert Shores, at the northern end of the western shore, does have signs of life, including some recently built homes on the shore in plain sight of abandoned boat docks that appear to have been buried in mud and salt during one of the floodings during the 90's. Hard to imagine the logic in building here with the Sea continuing to shrink, but we saw a number of newer homes very close to the shore.



So much for the Salton Sea. In another year or so the landscape may look a lot different, as the 15 year agreement to divert agricultural runoff to sustain the Sea expires.



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Gretchen - I love these!!!
John coury - I saw a Anthony Bourdain episode on the Salton Sea and its heyday as a resort and the doom that followed . Your fantastic photos jogged my memory, it was a strange episode !