Port of Long Beach 2015
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Sunday, September 20, 2015
By David P Senner
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Although most of these photos were taken in the Port of Long Beach, it is often difficult to determine where the Port of Long Beach ends and where the Port of Los Angeles begins - they adjoin one another and are the two busiest container ports in the U.S.

         Aging warehouse building in the Port                                                  Port abstract                      



Highway onstruction under way..... off the State Route 47 connecting the Port of Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles. Normally it's hard to access construction sites like this, but there were no fences and no 'No Tresspassing' signs to be seen. Needless to say, after about 10 minutes of shooting, I was confronted by about 8 harbor patrol police officers. They didn't arrest me and actually gave me the number of the Port of Long Beach communications director, Art Wong, who arranged for me to take a boat tour of the harbor. Evokes memories of my days as a newpaper photographer in Chicago. 



Roads and trucks play a key part in facilitating intermodal freight transport, as do boats, trains and cranes, which are ubiquitous throughout the Port.                                                                



Warehousing and storage of chemicals and other commodities being shipped are also key to the successful operation of the Port.


Fishing buoys found near the area where San Pedro's small remaining fishing fleet docks - on the LA side of the Port.


Fishing nets.......


Cranes of all colors and sizes are seen everywhere throughout the harbor.


The sun sets over the Port of Long Beach, as we leave port on the guided boat tour of the port, made possible by Art Wong with the Port of Long Beach.


Although daylight fades, the Port lights up and stays awake, as the loading and unloading of ships proceeds around the clock.


These massive container ships are loaded and unloaded throughout the night. The almost full moon helps to light the harbor - good for pix.



That's all for this week's blog. See you next week.


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David Senner - Thanks for the kind words.
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