Orange County Women's March - Santa Ana CA
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Thursday, February 02, 2017
By David P. Senner
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Orange County Women's March Santa Ana CA Jan 21, 2017 - I know this is almost twelve days after the fact but it's taken me that long to even begin to process the shock of what has just occurred. And it's only just begun. It was comforting and reassuring that so many people were willing to take to the streets in order to speak truth to power. About 20,000 people showed up in downtown Santa Ana at Calle Cuatro for a high energy protest march in support of the massive Women's March in DC. See the photos below.

But in spite of the tremendous turnout at all of the protest marches around the world, it could not erase the sadness and fear that has enveloped me since the Inauguration. No more speculating about who or what Donald J Trump is and what he stands for. And it has become much clearer as to who is really in charge. How about 'Stephen Bannon', arguably the most powerful man in the world, right now  And accountable to no one, as 'political advisor' to the clueless 'Chump'. Bannon's rise to power means that moderation is no longer an option. Remember, in the 'Donald's' world, there must be winners and losers. And you can be sure that for him the only 'winner' that matters is Donald J Trump (we can be sure that Bannon will straighten him out regarding that matter). It's a zero sum game for him and he must be on the winning side - if not, it must be because someone 'cheated' him or told a 'lie' about him.

We MUST keep up the good fight. And it will be a long, hard road.  But all of us who believe in social and economic justice for ALL, must talk to their friends, neighbors and even strangers. Call, text, email your congressmen and public officials. And we MUST also continue to take to the streets and let our voices be heard. And we MUST hold all politicians accountable. We MUST all become active and activists, if our democracy is to survive.














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