New Orleans French Qtr Jazz Festival-2015 #1
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Sunday, May 24, 2015
By David P. Senner
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The French Quarter Jazz Festival is held in the streets, parks and jazz clubs of the French Quarter over a four day period. All kinds of musicians make music in the streets of New Orleans and on the various stages setup throughout the Quarter. The Heritage Jazz Festival, which takes place the week following the French Quarter fest, features some great performers. But that festival is held in a stadium, which certainly gives it a different vibe to it than this event, whose stage is truly the city of New Orleans. A bit of rain fell over the weekend, but it didn't stop the party, just slowed it down a bit.


Balcony in the French Quarter decked out for the Jazz Fest.          Street sign adjacent to St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square.




Hot jazz in the streets of the Quarter.


Along Decatur Street there was plenty of jazzy art for sale, along with lots of crazy costumes to add to the festive atmosphere.



A wide range of musicians played everywhere, from the street corner, to one of the many festival stages.




Sunday A.M.: It was still business as usual in one of the many souvenir shops on Decatur St...  and at St. Louis Cathedral across from the mainstage.



Sketch artist at work in the French Market.                                         A display in Gretchen's favorite jewelry shop in the Quarter.



Lunching in between sets at Jackson Sq.                     The center of the festival at Jackson Sq. attracted vendors for various services.             



               The band plays on...   and people are dancing in the street.    



'Street' art is everywhere, from strange graffiti to artists peddling their wares on the streetcorner.



Decatur St antique shop with a collection of risque, vintage photographs.


The washboard, a traditional Zydeco instrument, appears nearly everywhere, as does more very interesting graffiti.



But baby, the rain must fall on someone, as it seems to have done on this unfortunate individual...


On that final note, we'll call it a wrap for today. The blogs for the next two weeks will feature more photos from our visit to New Orleans, including Bourbon Street at night and many more musicians and local characters, including Chermaine Neville performing on the main stage.


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