New Orleans French Qtr Jazz Fest 2016
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Wednesday, April 20, 2016
By David P. Senner
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  New Orleans is a diverse and friendly town, visible in the many street cafes in the French Quarter, where people spend lots of time partaking of their favorite beverages and lively conversation.                        


It's no surprise that alcohol is a key ingredient in the New Orleans cultural 'gumbo', and the French influence is also pervasive.


Visitors to the Jazz Fest enjoy the entertainment at the main stage in Jackson Square. On nearby Decatur Street a local vendor hawks his wares.   


Jazz is for everyone, young and old, in New Orleans and these high schoolers put on a show near the French Market.


On the perimeter of Jackson Square, even political agendas are on display.                                                                                   


New Orleans is always good for 'hat shots', of which I'm fond - a local chef taking a break protests, and a trio of women relaxes with their morning coffee.


The Red Wolf Brass Band gives a lively performance near the old U.S. mint.


               A promising young sax player gets a chance to play with the big boys.



Some kind of protection from the hot Louisiana sun is a must here, and as is the case in NOLA - "different strokes for different folks".


Scenes from Decatur Street in the French Quarter:




Amy Nicole and Zydeco Soul perform at the Zydeco stage - music that dancers cannot resist.



Finally, I stumbled upon a shop where experts in the art of cigar making ply their trade.


As usual, New Orleans provides lots of great food and music, and place for people to let loose and have some fun. Til next year.


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Gretchen Teske - Awww, great pics and great memories!!
Mike Teske - Great photos and great memories!