Mingo Junction, Ohio
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Friday, October 17, 2014
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 Now the heart of the 'rust belt', Jefferson County, Ohio was once home to many of the great manufacturing plants of the 20th century, including the steel mills of places like Mingo Junction, in or near where all of the photos for this blog were taken.

"You know somethin'? The whole thing - it's right here. I love this fuckin' place. I know that sounds crazy. If anything happens Mike, you don't-don't leave me over there. You gotta promise me that, Mike."

This quote is from Nick (Christopher Walken) to Michael (Robert DeNiro) as the two steelworkers are preparing to go to Vietnam in the 1978 film, "The Deer Hunter" which was filmed, in part, in Mingo Junction.

There are no people in these photos, mainly because there are not many people left in this now, mostly abandoned steel town.

View of the Ohio River at Steubenville, Ohio just north of Mingo Junction.


Power plant operating in Empire, Ohio just north of Steubenville, taken from the car. Due to Homeland Security restrictions, photos of active manufacturing and power plants are very difficult.



Weirton Steel still operates a plant in Weirton, West Virginia across the Ohio River from Mingo Junction.





The streets of Mingo Junction....




Mingo Junction War Memorial.


The Wheeling-Pitt Steel plant in Mingo Junction, silent since 2009, is currently undergoing demolition.


Abandoned tractor near Gretchen's childhood home in Amsterdam, OH.


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Larry Smith - Great shots of the mill and town...
Gretchen Teske - Really great photos, David! I didn't know Mingo Junction was so desolate these days.
John coury - Awesome David your photos tell the story in detail!