Los Angeles Arts District- 2015
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Thursday, February 25, 2016
By David P. Senner
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 In the course of my recent explorations of the east side of Los Angeles, one of the areas I stumbled across is the LA 'Arts District', that is located along the eastern edge of downtown LA. The community's boundaries are Alameda Street on the west, First Street on the north, the Los Angeles River on the east and Violet Street (just south of 7th) on the south. The area includes many previously abandoned industrial properties that have been renovated and has become a magnet for many young professionals in film, TV and other creative industries. It has a lot of the edgy feel of nearby Skid Row, but with a lot of creative energy evident everywhere - lots of interesting wall art, graffiti, 'alternative' types of restaurants and businesses, studio space available for rental and the occasional film crew or photographer taking advantage of the interesting surroundings for location shooting. 


              Walking in LA:     



                     Local film crew at work on the street.


                 Detail of a piece of heavy equipment on the street.              The line between art and graffiti becomes blurred.



While wandering the streets, I ran across this old engine block outside a local garage.             



A couple of random visual notes along the way: a dumpster on the street and the LAX flight path.



               Some engaging art on the wall of an old warehouse...                               Truck art



See you soon.

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Neal Rosenthal - Great stuff!