Hanging Out in Long Beach
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Saturday, December 19, 2015
By David P. Senner
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Since moving to southern California in 2001, Long Beach has been what I've considered the north end of my 'neighborhood'. And I've always enjoyed it for it's slightly offbeat, working class vibe. This was a little street fair and block party held downtown on an afternoon in September. Mostly folks just hangin' out.


Southern California beach city style:

   Dreadlocks, knee length shorts and a skateboard.                Pink shoes, green hair and a couple of beers.




Hair seemed to be on parade with this layback crowd on the California coast.             Locals waiting for the music to begin.


The band looked kind of 'Long Beach edgy', but they could rock... including their all girl brass section.




Finally, some interesting wall art from the surrounding Long Beach gallery district.



Hope you've enjoyed this little glimpse of my 'neighborhood' in Southern California.


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