Grand Central Market - LA 2015
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Thursday, January 14, 2016
By David P. Senner
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    After 15 years in southern California, and a year and a half of blogs mostly from road trips and locations far afield, I've found myself wanting to focus more on the city of Los Angeles that is just a stone's throw from where we live. Since we're a 30-45 minute drive from just about anywhere in LA and we spend a fair amount of time there, I do feel like it has become my new 'hometown', in a sense. But there is so much of it that I don't know. I've been drawn lately to exploring the less notable areas of LA, between downtown and East LA, and the fashion, arts and historic districts that mark the southeast border of downtown Los Angeles. I'm much more interested in this area of LA, versus the more familiar 'bling' of the west side, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the beach towns. Hopefully this is an opportunity to share images of these less frequently seen parts of Los Angeles. Today's blog is from a morning I spent wandering around the Grand Central Market, located a 3rd and Broadway downtown. It's a wide open market with produce, meat and fish vendors along with a host of little fast food stalls from Asian and Mexican cuisine to delicatessen faire.


             Everything is sold from California chile peppers to New York style bagels.


The diversity of LA is reflected not only in the food stands, but also in the customers, some waiting to grab a quick lunch before returning to work; others looking for unique ethnic items in bulk.






La Huerta Produce specializes in a wide selection of Mexican candy and snacks. Mr. Huerta enjoys what he does.



Look for more to come from East LA, the Arts District and much more, soon.



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