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Friday, January 29, 2016
By David P. Senner
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I've been busy working on a number of different projects lately, but I always have a little flora on my mind, whenever I have a camera with me, which thanks to the cellphone, is just about always. The flora of Santa Barbara were the first inspiration for me to pick up a digital camera in 2005 after a twenty year hiatus from camera work. So I've created a folder for all new candidates for my large and continually growing portfolio of flowers and plant life, especially those of California. Below are a recent selection: from the wholesale flower market in Los Angeles, to the grounds around the nearby Alamitos Marina, and to flowers that were just sitting in our kitchen and living room. Living in SoCal, with a wide diversity of flora that grow year round, the photographer should never be at a loss for encounters with simple beauty to capture with his camera.






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David Senner - Cool. I have lots of floral photos, mostly 'in your face' macro shots . Planning on doing a couple of self published books. If you look at my 'Galleries' the Santa Barbara gallery is mostly flowers from SB. I think there is also another blog that you may have seen, "Mystic Flora" . Some wild ones, I'd never seen before I lived there. I will probably do an entire book on calla lilies, of which I had a whole garden full where I lived for 7 years.
Nelson ghorbanian - Great work David, l enjoy photos very much.
Thinking of doing some drawing from your flowers.