Convergences #9 - Dancers
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Tuesday, March 15, 2016
By David P. Senner
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For this edition of Convergences - my pairing of old and new photos that resonate together -  I've selected one photo from my Chicago newspaper days and another from our trip to Italy in 2014.  The first is a photo taken circa 1978 in Chicago on assignment for the Lerner Newspaper chain, where I worked as a stringer. I was covering a charity event taking place at Chicago's Union Station. Among the celebrities in attendance was the legendary insurance tycoon and billionaire (at a time when they were very rare), W.Clement Stone, founder of Combined Insurance Co. I had taken a few photos of Stone during the evening  (he had a strange resemblance to Salvador Dali) but nothing I really felt I could use.  As I began to leave the event, I heard a roar coming from the dance floor as guests watched as Stone took to the dance floor with a Russian ballerina also in attendance. I grabbed a camera from my bag and a rarely used strobe light and shot this photo at about 1/30th of a second, in order to stop action and still capture enough ambient for a more natural look.

The second photo was taken in the town square of Pienza Italy, where Gretchen and I ran across a pair of street musicians, providing the music for a couple of locals who enjoyed a dance in the street. I thought the pairing of the two photos provided an interesting contrast - the rich and famous enjoying the spotlight and a couple of ordinary folks just enjoying a dance in a small Tuscan hill town.





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