Convergences #5 - The Invisible Ones
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Sunday, August 09, 2015
By David P. Senner
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This week's blog is another installment of my Convergences series that attempts to pair old black & white film based photos from my early photo career, with later digital images, in a effort to identify common threads or 'convergences', both visually and subject wise, between images often spanning 25 or more years. For me, it helps provide some sense of continuity across the years that I've been making photographs. From a strictly personal perspective, this in turn assists in providing me with some clarity and meaning to the photographic journey that now does so much to define this final third of my life.

In this blog, I've focused on a segment of American society that now, as was the case then, is basically invisible to us, 'blending in' to such an extent, that it's become an accepted part of the urban landscape, that most of us take for granted - the 'invisible ones'. In this election season, although these may not be the most pleasant images to look at,  I think they provide an important reminder of those among us, who are the most powerless.

San Francisco 1969                                                    New York Subway - 54th Street Station 2009




Lower East Side - New York City  2009                                                     Uptown Chicago - circa 1975







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