Convergence #8 - Playtime
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Sunday, October 04, 2015
By David P. Senner
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This week's post is a reflection on how 'playtime' has changed over the decades. In the first photo, the young boy needs no fancy equipment or any structure at all, in order to pass the time. All he needs is light and shadow (curiously, this is precisely what is necessary to make a photograph).  In the second photo, the young man faces a challenge - simply trying to stay on his feet with sophisticated, modern day, athletic equipment, while the woman seems to be running with a determination to achieve a goal - both typical of how we, as Americans, spend our 'leisure' time in the 21st century. Although it is just a subjective observation on my part, I think the contrast resonates with how our approach to 'playtime' has changed over the last 40 years or so.

A young boy passes the time with simple shadow play - Chicago circa 1978.


 A determined woman runs in the shadow of the Verazzano Bridge, as the young man cruises behind her on roller blades - Brooklyn 2010.


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