Birds of a Feather - Convergences #4
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Thursday, January 15, 2015
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Who said that birds are just dumb animals? The first photo was taken circa 1979 on a Sunday morning at an evangelical Baptist church in Chicago. One of my editors at the Lerner Newspapers gave me an assignment to photograph Mr. Hansen, the fellow holding the bird, who claimed that his birds could quote verse from the Bible. I never heard the bird speak a word, but it was very early on a Sunday morning in 1979... nuff said. But let there be no doubt, Mr. Hansen certainly seemed convinced that his bird was talking to him.  The second photo was taken in March of last year in a parking lot in Big Sur, also early on a Sunday morning. This turkey was clearly not even attempting to quote verse from the Bible, but probably just checking himself in mirror after a tough Saturday night out on the town.





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