Big Sur Revisited / Feb 2015
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Sunday, May 10, 2015
By David P. Senner
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 As is typically the case when visiting Big Sur, the spectacular views of the rugged Big Sur coastline provide the most interesting photo opportunities.

                                 Highway 1 running along the Big Sur coastline                                              


                                   The Bixby Bridge at the north end of Big Sur


                                   Garrapata State Beach - on the road to Carmel from Big Sur



                                 The lengendary author, Henry Miller, lived in Big Sur for 18 years up until 1964. The Henry Miller Memorial

                                 Library is located in a small, rustic cabin, situated on Highway 1 in the heart of Big Sur.

                             The property was owned by Miller's friend, Emil White, who established the library after Miller's death in 1980.

                              The library is a very informal place and it's grounds are littered here and there with evidence of the 35 years

                               of visitors that have surely passed through here, from all over the world.

                               You can visit the library's website at .






      Pfeiffer State Beach with it's purple sand and the dramatic Pfeiffer Keyhole Rock, is a must see while in Big Sur.





                                         Pfieffer Keyhole Rock




                                                                      On our final day at Alfred Molera State Park.




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