365 Days - View From My Balcony

This is my first 365 Day project. I will post one photo every day taken from the balcony of my studio in Santa Ana CA. They will not always be in strict chronological order, for a variety of reasons - both practical and aesthetic. And at times I will use multiple photos from a given day. Generally speaking the flow will be chronological. The challenge for me is to create an engaging photograph every day from this unique vantage point of the third floor balcony of my studio. Out of this daily challenge, I will create a larger dynamic portfolio, that will change every day as I add new photographs over the course of the year.

Just to create some context, my balcony overlooks parking and a courtyard for the 175 unit Artist's Village Apartments, where I live in downtown Santa Ana. It also faces the back of the Casa Linda furniture store and the dead end for 2nd Street that leads into the building courtyard. Various commercial and resident buildings surround the courtyard. The nuance of light as it rises and sets will be key in creating unique moments from the same surroundings over the course of 365 days. And the ever changing clouds overhead in the southern California sky are also a helpful aid in creating unique photos from the otherwise familiar setting.

As the project unfolds, I will also do an occasional blog to discuss the process in some depth.