240 Days - View From My Balcony

This is a gallery of my completed 240 day project, 'View From My Balcony', that began on November 7, 2017. Every day for 240 days I posted a photograph taken from the balcony of my 3rd floor studio in downtown Santa Ana CA.  The challenge for me was to create an engaging photograph every day from this 3 foot by 5 foot unique vantage point above a small but active, portion of downtown Santa Ana. This vantage point includes a partial view of each of the two buildings making up the Artist's Village Apartments, where I currently live,  their courtyard and parking area, the rear and loading area of the Casa Linda furniture store, the rear and parking for Empire Office Building, and the dead end for 2nd Street that leads into the Artists Village parking and courtyard. There are also a couple of notable architectural elements visible on the Santa Ana skyline that became elements in many of the photos: The Park Tower Office Building and the Sturgeon Building Clock Tower. Several other elements also became recurring themes in many photos including the rooftop door of the Casa Linda building, the pentagonal parapets that are prominent in the Artists Village architecture, and the indoor/outdoor, overflow inventory area in the rear of the Casa Linda furniture store.  The nuance of light as the sun moves across the southern California sky was key in creating unique moments from the same surroundings over the 8 month course of the project. The ever changing clouds overhead in the southern California sky were also a valuable asset in creating unique photos from day to day.